By Philippe G. Ciarlet

ISBN-10: 1402042477

ISBN-13: 9781402042478

This monograph offers the fundamental theorems of differential geometry in third-dimensional area, together with a radical insurance of floor concept. via a chain of conscientiously chosen and consultant mathematical versions this monograph additionally explains at size how those theorems are utilized in three-d elasticity and in shell conception. The presentation is largely selfcontained, with a very good emphasis on pedagogy. specifically, no "a priori" wisdom of differential geometry or of elasticity thought is believed, the one standards are a cheap wisdom of uncomplicated research, practical research, and a few acquaintance with usual and partial differential equations.

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Such models permit some estimate of the nearness of regions of high electron density in various geometric arrangements and hence allow a crude guess at the importance of nonbonded interactions (steric effects) in various situations. The spatial position of the nuclei is virtually impossible to gauge in such models. In contrast, other types of molecular models emphasize the relative positions of nuclei in space by leaving out entirely any representations of electron density. ) Top: space-filling Stuart-Briegleb models.

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