By J. Neil Schulman

ISBN-10: 1584452013

ISBN-13: 9781584452010

"A cautionary story with a traumatic resemblance to prior historical past and destiny chances" (Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate), "Alongside evening" portrays the final weeks of the world's maximum superpower and ends on a effective notice of wish.

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Elliot punched the switch allowing him to see without being seen, then answered. m. wake-up call. Elliot thanked the operator and switched off. As his mind cleared, Elliot quickly realized that the pain was not from Ackerman’s phantasmal blow, but from the real one in his encounter with the gang. Tenderly, he tried moving his shoulder. He found he had full mobility—nothing seemed to be broken or sprained—but it did hurt like the devil. He resolved to ignore it as best he could. Elliot decided to breakfast in his room rather than risk half 64 Alongside Night an hour in a public restaurant again; he had no wish to be a sitting duck.

Empty. Elliot got on—riding it straight down—ran out through the Seventy-forth Street fire exit, and from there to the dead chill of the city. Alongside Night 53 Chapter 6 Elliot had not run more than a few blocks before shortness of breath forced him into an alleyway. There he just leaned against a concrete wall, allowing the day’s events to bear down upon him. After a few minutes, though, when the shakes had stopped, when his fears for his family had tripped out from overload, when he realized how cold it was, the improbabilities of his situation began to take on melodramatic—even comic—overtones.

Now! ” Elliot tossed the pamphlet into the nearest trash container. He was not about to start looking for God. He had enough trouble just finding his family. Ten blocks farther up Broadway Elliot noticed wooden NYPD barricades along each sidewalk, and began to see an unusually large number of city police distributed around him—some sitting in police cars, some mounted on horseback, some on foot directing traffic or talking into headset transceivers. Elliot wondered what they were all there for, then remembered.

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