By Graham Merrington, Dr Linton Winder Nfa, R. Parkinson, Mark Redman, L. Winder

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This complete textual content offers a concise evaluate of environmental difficulties attributable to agriculture (such as pesticide toxins and elevated nitrate degrees) and gives sensible ideas to them. it really is good illustrated and features a fully-referenced advent to the most modern agricultural toxins concerns within the united kingdom. it is going to aid offer transparent, clinical and technical realizing of an important resources of agricultura toxins.

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1997). , 1997). The balance of the two major N inputs to agricultural soils, mineral fertilisers and livestock manures varies greatly across Europe, with the former being of greater importance in Denmark, Germany, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Finland and Sweden and the latter in Belgium and The Netherlands (Pau Vall and Vidal, 1999). It is widely acknowledged that a major factor contributing to the increased pollution of the aquatic environment by NO3− has been the specialisation and intensification of agricultural enterprises (Chapter 3) (Edwards and Withers, 1998).

Reductions of 40–50% of leached N were measured from beneath the plots sown with the catch crop when compared with the control tillage treatment. The main crop is harvested at the normal time, but the catch crop remains covering the soil until the following spring. Importantly, the time of sowing is crucial so as to ensure that the main crop does not suffer adversely from competition effects from the catch crop (Aronsson and Torstensson, 1998). A drawback is that weed, pest and disease problems are thought to be more prevalent when cover and catch crops are used (Goulding, 2000).

1999). For the moment, however, the gastric cancer debate is somewhat academic since international limits on NO3− levels have been implemented. The 1980 EC Directive on the Quality of Water Intended for Human Consumption, for example, set a ‘maximum allowable concentration’ of 50 mg NO3− l−1 and a guide level of 25 mg l−1. The WHO reviewed this limit in 1997 in the light of increased scientific evidence on the topic, yet maintained the 50 mg NO3−l−1 (Isherwood, 2000). Eutrophication Many surface waters, such as rivers and lakes, have a limited supply of N and P and are described as oligotrophic (nutrient poor, low biological productivity).

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Agricultural Pollution Problems and Practical Solutions by Graham Merrington, Dr Linton Winder Nfa, R. Parkinson, Mark Redman, L. Winder

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