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Kansasii, the anaerobiosis of the septic tanks seems to foster its growth. (d) Pathogenic Mycobacteria in vegetables grown on dried mud from sanatorium stations with bacilliferous discharge. Various vegetables such as: roots (potatoes, carrots, turnips), aerial plants (cabbage, tomatoes), mixed (leek) are grown on plain mud or on mud mixed with earth. At maturity the vegetable juice is extracted in a special fruit centrifuger, after very thorough washing in sterile distilled water. Neither seeding nor inoculation have resulted in the isolation of any pathogenic mycobacterium in the 25 tests performed.

In the pools (30 studies) culture conditions are identical, however, the non-pigmented mycobacteria are rare, undoubtedly inhibited by chlorine, while the pigmented mycobacteria (A/. Aquae) appear insensitive up to a concentration of free chlorine from 2 to 2-5 mg/1. The presence of M. Balnei or M. Ulcerans has not been established. 383 1962 128 123 186 Upstream Paris ; 255 245 171 11 11 6 Down­ stream Number Paris 2-8 3-26 2-33 /o 2 2 2 Up­ stream Positive results S. Derby S. ParaB S. Anatum 4 S.

Meleagridis 4 S. Cambridge 1 S. Anatum 5 S. Newington**! 9 Group C S. Infantis* 1 ! S. Bovis* 1 j Morbificans 1 I j 1 S. Bovis 1 2 \ Morbificans 2 S. Para B 1 Group B S. Anatum 1 S. Meleagridis 4 Group E l Salmonellae isolated 4 Down­ stream * S. Infantis and S. Bovis Morbificans isolated from the same sample. ** S. Newington isolated from the same sample as a stock of S. Anatum. 368 1961 ! 257 Total 1960 Year Number of samples tested TABLE 4. SALMONELLAE ISOLATED IN THE SEINE RIVER S. Enteritidis 1 Group D o ►a 3 3 o o a* 3 2 CD o 2 Modern Microbiological and Virological Aspects of Water Pollution 10 L.

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