By Elena Gorokhova

ISBN-10: 1439135584

ISBN-13: 9781439135587

Elena Gorokhova's A Mountain of Crumbs is the relocating tale of a Soviet woman who discovers the truths adults are hiding from her and the lies her fatherland lives by means of. Elena's kingdom isn't any longer the majestic Russia of literature or the tsars, yet a kingdom suffering to keep its strength and its satisfaction. Born with a wish to discover the area past her borders, Elena reveals her ardour within the complexity of the English language--but within the Soviet Union of the Nineteen Sixties this kind of ardour verges at the subversive. Elena is managed via the nation a similar manner she is managed through her mom, a reflect picture of her motherland: overbearing, protecting, tricky to depart. within the conflict among a strong-willed daughter and her authoritarian mom, the daughter, in spite of everything, needs to cut loose and depart as a way to survive.

Through Elena's attractive voice, we study not just the tales of Russian family members lifestyles within the moment 1/2 the 20th century, but in addition the tale of 1 rebellious citizen whose interest and backbone ultimately delivery her to a brand new global. it really is an elegy to the misplaced kingdom of early life, the place those that go away can by no means go back.

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Elena Gorokhova's A Mountain of Crumbs is the relocating tale of a Soviet lady who discovers the truths adults are hiding from her and the lies her native land lives by means of. Elena's nation isn't any longer the majestic Russia of literature or the tsars, yet a country suffering to maintain its energy and its delight.

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