By C. L. Seow

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A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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Thus, if two vocal sewaJ's come together, certain vowel changes take place. a. In a sequence of two simple vocal and - -the second--becomes silent. 1:;2 ::- o,~??? :;2 sewa:;'s, the first becomes i, T •: 5. The Preposition The preposition 1~ (from, because of, some of) occurs in the following forms. lt is ordinarily assimilated into the following consonant. g sh~ rt vowel of the composite sewa:;, and the latter closes the syllable (see I I. c). q~ f > n~~~ ::-o'70Z$ + f > 0'701$# ::·n~~ + ~-17~~~ > 17~~ (bo:;[o]halim) in tents In the case of 0'0''7~, however, the :;alep is quiescent (II.

3. : and beautiful I. lil1 and they were feeding. 4. like a consuming fire 5. ~) them '~ a hand that is stretched o ut aga in st me 8. yo u (ms) a rc mo re ri ghteo us than I I ,r v I9 : 1~9 1~t;l ni~lllit. ~~ in nil lh c Iand o f Egy pt. :J~hi and (s uhj ccl) ate . _J "\) cJ. ~. Demonstratives I 105 Lesson X I. Vith _adjectives (and participles fu nctioning as adjectives), it stands in the final_position- after the adjective(s).

Hence one looks under the root mn, where one finds the noun. If one looks directly under :1\fl}, one is also referred to the correct root: v. sub ~Jn ("look under ~Jn"). BDB I 51 entry, however, one is directed to the other n~: I. n~ v. sub p ("I. n~ look under T~"). So it is that on p. 123 col. i, after the lengthy entry on p and other related nouns, we find "1. " Here the editors of BDB tell us that n~ is"= >:·T;lt~ fr. " That is, they conjecture that ''bant > ''batt > bat. The plural of this noun, in contrast to " II.

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