By C. L. Seow

A transparent web page by way of web page black and white experiment of Seow's grammar.

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6. 2. Since this is a loanword derived ultimately from Sumerian, a non-Semitic language, the dictionaries simply list it as it is spelled (not by root). 13. • b. g. :Jl_pi~ - :JlV'; Oi::) '"1~ - iii£>). I. ill':::! T ' 17. 8. iiN i:ir:J~ T: • ii~~ I I. 2. 4· NW~ 6. ) I 2. I I. burnt offerings messengers ilYi ..... 16. il~~,r-i T : 5· r 8. " il1':lr T I 2. " il1iY T 6. words 7. iniquities c. Translate the following into Hebrew: I. spirits 13. (two) hands 2. 8. battles 5. places 3. rams I 14. ) palaces 9.

521 col. i, at the bottom of the column. If, however, one did not know the root and looked, instead, under the noun 12$7~ itself (on p. 571 col. ii), one will see 12$7~ and related nouns listed, with the remark "v. " This means that one should look (v. = vid. "look") under the root 1N';,. So one begins with p. 521 col. i. BDR I 47 The verb does not occur in Hebrew, so no examples are cited. There are cognates in other Semitic languages, however, and the dictionary duly lists them. After this information, at the top of col.

I. On p. 6 56 col. i, one sees 1]~913 and its defective form listed three times. The first ("I. ]). The parentheses indicate that there is no clear evidence from the contexts that the noun is masculine, but the gender is conjectured to be masculine (presumably because the form is unmarked for gender, and the plural is masculine in form). ). The third ("II I. ). : This form is not difficult. cx). The -'O must be a prefix. The root is ;,Jp. It turns out that there are, according to BDB, two roots ;,Jp.

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