By Toni Turner

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A precious advisor to the advanced and sometimes tempermental inventory marketplace, choked with useful recommendation and tips, makes a speciality of the significance of keeping definitely the right mind set whereas buying and selling, and covers such themes as marketplace basics, mental must haves for non permanent investors, the advantages o

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Adams (2001: 60) summarises the WCS as ‘a conservation document that addressed the issues and problems raised by economic development, rather than a document about development and environment as such’. Whilst stressing global responsibility and strategy, the failure of a global agenda for environmental action to recognise the political nature of the development process was particularly problematic. As Reid (1995: 43) states, To suggest solutions based on such ‘self-evident’ principles as ‘population increase must be halted’ and ‘carrying capacity must be respected’ without considering the political realities affecting the chances of their being implemented is to ignore the rights of local people, neglect the impact of social and economic forces on their access to and use of resources, and deny the reality of the effort needed to surmount the many political difficulties associated with negotiating ‘improvements’ that have recognisable similarity with ‘obvious’ global solutions.

What is sustainable development? • 39 the implementation of existing commitments, those of Agenda 21 and of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 12. Their origin is in the Millennium Declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000. 1). A host of commitments were encompassed within the Declaration and a number of specific, monitorable targets for achievement by 2015 were identified that have become known as the MDGs. One of those goals refers specifically to sustainable development and the actions of governments in preparing national strategies.

The context in which sustainable development was pursued in the 1980s (and remain so). Not only did huge interest repayments mean money going out without any direct impacts on productive development internally, but savings had to be made, typically in the finance for environment departments and through cuts in social services. The growing inequality globally and the increasingly diverse experiences of development and underdevelopment in the South through the 1980s were important factors in shaping what has been termed the ‘impasse in development studies’ (Schurmann, 2002) that was also considered to have characterised this period.

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