By Kyoshi Kosugi, James Davies

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In this chapter we shall see what happens when White attacks the single stone on the three-four point and Black answers by defending his corner. There is another large group of three-four point joseki in which Black answers White’s kakari by counterattacking with a squeeze play, but that is the subject of the next chapter. 30 SECTION 3 White 1 tries more for a position on the outside than for corner profit, and in fact Black can get all the corner territory by playing 2. White plays 3 if he is interested in the right side; in the next section we shall see an alternative choice for 3 which builds more toward the center and lower side.

It is not that Black’s eye shape is endangered, but if White were allowed to play at 2 himself, he could make territory in the center, and Black could not attack. In conclusion The ogeima kakari looks rather lukewarm so far. White’s real intention is usually to provoke a squeeze play, and then he has some good maneuvers, which we are coming to in section 18. 62 CHAPTER 3 Squeeze plays INTRODUCTION In the last chapter we saw what happens when Black answers White’s kakari by defending the corner in one way or another, letting White extend unhindered along the side.

That 1. It is not so from above with underneath at 5, White. gives Black the chance to invade at good for White to reply by pressing 2 and 4, since Black can connect and the hane at ‘a’ still threatens 35 Dia. 11. White 2 here is the correct answer to Black 1. Now White is ready to play either ‘a’ or ‘b’ to connect his position. If Black plays 3 at ‘c’ White will play ‘a’, and if Black plays 3 at ‘d’ White will play ‘b’. At the same time, White ‘e’ has become a strong move for later on. Dia. 12.

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38 Basic Joseki by Kyoshi Kosugi, James Davies

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