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In the sector of the right adjoining division (the 19th Division) the enemy had already crossed the Saer river about the 4 or 5 December. The American units had already worked their way up through the wooded terrain east of the Saar "between Beckingen and Dillingen end were threatening the -unprotected north flank of the division. made available. Toward off the danger new reserves hsd to "be Alarm units had once more to be formed. This time they were taken from the 305th Antiaircraft Battalion of the Army (Heeres) and the 200th Antitank Battalion for the supnort of the weak groups of the 135th Panzer Grenadier Begiment.

The task of the engineers; to blast the bridge, could not be carried out since it was protected by several -55- MS # JU871 tanks to which our own tanks type "IV were inferior both in number and approach. During the following days the situation of the portions of the division employed in Saarlautern grew more and more difficult. The only reinforcements the division got was one company of Panther tanks, tut they could not alter the situation, In view of the heavy losses suffered day by day. On the 5 and 6 December the battles of the pillboxes 300 « 305 were particularly ferocious and the latter changed hands several times.

On the 26 November the whole sector from Oberleuken through Tettingen - Nennig and the Moselle sector up to the line of demarcation of the 2lato Division was assigned to the division. A fortress machine gun company employed on the Moselle was subordinated to tne division. AS of tne 25 November the 416th Division took over the Orscholz sector east of Oberlenken. Then the command post of this division was transferred to Taben - Roth. A change took place in the leadership of the 82d Corps on the 25 November.

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