Kaspersky Anti Virus Torrent

Kaspersky Anti Virus Torrent

Kaspersky Anti Virus


Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Anti virus is a virus program in the new edition of the famous, now with a more powerful engine, style modification, improved usability and more protection on the net;

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Make your computer virus Kaspersky interception, block and remove viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other malicious software.

Real-Time protection is good with files, emails and Internet traffic that gets filtered effectively. The program also protects phishing by identifying and blocking links to websites infected with malicious software.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus also incorporates a self defense mechanism that blocks files that operate surprisingly, useful to prevent attack against malicious potential that has not received recognition from the database. In addition, this new version of Kaspersky provides extra protection from ransomware.

In Kaspersky Antivirus tool, you can find some very useful security settings:

Crawl error: Identification of system deficiencies or third-party in applications that you have installed, so that you can immediately fix any problems;

Kaspersky Rescue Disk: Creates a bootable CD or USB drive;

Windows Solutions: System analysis and recovery of any malware-related issues;

Privacy Cleaner: Clean up system files (cookies, cache, magazines, etc.);

Browser configuration: Internet Explorer settings for analyzing and recommending ways to optimize security (this tool is compatible with other browsers)

Cloud cover: Provides instant protection against new threats, as well as real-time security and reputation information for websites you visit.

Finally, KAV introduces a feature that automatically updates the program to the latest version;

New design

Kaspersky has an updated design: This new version focuses on the effectiveness of a more friendly PenggunaantaraFace.

The home screen displays your computer’s security status and provides easy access to the most important parts: Scan, update, report, and virtual keyboard. Additional options can be obtained by clicking the Show Additional Tools button.

The basic configuration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is good for most users. More advanced users can customize their configuration by going to the settings menu (not shown on the page).

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is powerful and reliable, but without significant changes Kaspersky Anti-virus (KAV) is one of the most popular antivirus software on the market. Scanning an antivirus engine is one of the best available and new design that makes it more user-friendly.

As for the new features to go, there are really no major innovations in the previous version, but the tools and options are usually better, along with the performance of the Antivirus.

KAV uses less resources than the previous release, but it’s still a long way to go for it. While this is a great Antivirus, it works best when used on computers in a good way;

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